This is a personal blog documenting my journey from California to rural Alabama. I am currently studying architecture and learning how to be a decent human at Rural Studio; a design/build architecture program with a strong focus on ethics and social responsibility.

Posts are my own and have no affiliation to the school. Enjoy!

Rural Studio | Week 1 +2  Introductions and Neckdown

Rural Studio | Week 1 +2 Introductions and Neckdown

Rural Studio | August 21 -30, 2019 Week 1 +2 | Introductions, Project Tours, Neckdown

The first couple weeks at Rural Studio are a hot mess of getting to know everyone and the campus flow. In this case “campus” is an old southern Antebellum known as the Morissette house. The house has multiple additions; a farm, full commercial kitchen, lots of experimental building zones, and a cluster of housing pods that 3rd year students occupy.

These initial days consist of introductions, project tours, and a solid week of house keeping tasks known as “Neck-down”. Starting at 6:30am daily, students are assigned to a number of labor intensive jobs including but not limited to: digging trenches, pouring concrete, weeding, painting, caulking windows, installing SIP panels, reinstalling a fallen chimney, welding gate locks, dump runs, pressure washing, laying new irrigation line, installing light fixtures, planting, harvesting, the list literally never ends, neither does the hot Alabama sun… but the week does!!

We also squeezed in CPR training at the University proper in Auburn which is a decent 2.5 hour drive East of Newbern. All in all it was a great couple weeks of honest work and getting acquainted.

- devin

Rural Studio | Week 3 Workshops Storytelling + Observing

Rural Studio | Week 3 Workshops Storytelling + Observing

On the Road | Texas

On the Road | Texas